English idioms 311-335

GS Đàm Trung Pháp



311 by means of: bằng cách – The surest way to succeed in life is “by means of” hard work.

312 by no means: chắc là không rồi – Mr. Nguyễn is “by no means” a poor man! Has anyone seen the brand-new Maserati sportscar he drives? – [by no means = in no way].

313 by oneself: một mình – Since her huband’s death, Mrs. Travis has travelled around the world all “by herself.”

314 by the book: tuyệt đối theo quy ước – Our tour guide is going “by the book,” allowing us to wander off only for short periods. – [wander off = lang thang].

315 by the same token: và do đó – Professor Đàm loves foreigners, and “by the same token,” he is very interested in their languages and cultures.

316 by the skin of one’s teeth: chỉ vừa vặn để thoát nạn – We got away from a California wild fire “by the skin of our teeth”! • Jimmy passed his tough Russian final exam “by the skin of his teeth” and he was overjoyed.

317 by the sweat of one’s brow: bằng cách đổ mồ hôi hột – The only way for us to succeed in this competitive society is “by the sweat of our brow.”

318 by the way: tiện đây xin nói thêm – We had a great vacation in Paris and fell in love with that splendid city. And “by the way,” our spoken French turned out to be quite useful!

319 call a halt: ra lệnh ngừng – The lieutenant “called a halt” to his troops’ shooting practice because it was getting dark.

320 call a spade a spade: nói cho thật, cho thẳng, cho chính danh – It is very hard to trust politicians to “call a spade a spade” these days!

321 call in sick: gọi điện thoại vào sở xin nghỉ vì ốm đau – Our secretary “called in sick” this morning and informed our boss that she was going to see her family doctor.

322 call it a day: ngưng làm việc trong thời gian còn lại của ngày ấy – It’s almost 5 pm and we have completed our assignment – let’s “call it a day,” folks!

323 call it quits: bỏ việc, bỏ cuộc – My new boss is incredibly rude and mean. I have decided to “call it quits” and start looking for another job.

324 call names: dùng ngôn từ thô lỗ để sỉ nhục – The angry teacher told the kids to stop “calling names” in class.

325 call off: hủy bỏ – After a big fight with Jimmy, Edith decided to “call off” their engagement!

326 call of nature: nhu cầu tiểu tiện hay đại tiện – He left the classroom to anwer the “call of nature.”

327 call on the carpet: gọi vào văn phòng để quở phạt – Having seen a new employee doze off at his desk, the boss “called him on the carpet.” – [doze off = ngủ guc].

328 call the shots: ra lệnh, hành động như kẻ chỉ huy – Sally loves to “call the shots,” but her colleagues hate to be bossed around and tell her so.

329 camp out: ngủ ngoài trời – We “camped out” on a hillside under the moonlight and among sweet-smelling wild flowers.

330 can of worms: vấn đề phức tạp nan giải – Proposing a budget cut for next year will certainly open a “can of worms” in our company.

331 can’t complain: thành ngữ dùng để trả lời một cách hài lòng cho các câu hỏi như “how are you?” and “how is your business?” – How are you this beautiful morning? – “Can’t complain,” thank you!

332 can’t help = can’t help but: không thể không – Many voters “can’t help” believing that candidate Johnson will win this election in a landslide. • Bob “couldn’t help but” believe that

his wife would return in a few days.

333 can’t make head or tail of: không thể hiểu được một điều nào đó – Your instructions are so confusing that we “can’t make head or tail of them.”

334 can’t see the forest for the trees: chỉ chú trọng đến chi tiết nhỏ nên không thể thấy được tổng thể – They discussed about petty cash and overlooked the budget – they “couldn’t see the forest for the trees.”– [petty cash = pocket money = small change].

335 can’t wait: nóng lòng chờ đợi – The students “can’t wait” for the school year to end. • I “can’t wait” to hug my girlfriend again – it’s been a whole week, you know!