English idioms 357-377

GS Đàm Trung Pháp



357 catch in the act: bắt quả tang – A young man was trying to steal a car, and he was “caught in the act” by the police. [catch in the act = catch red-handed].

358 catch off guard: bị bất ngờ – I think I “caught” my boss “off guard” when I told him I was resigning.

359 catch on: trở thành quen thuộc – This new Latin dance is beginning to “catch on.”

360 catch one’s breath: nghỉ để lấy lại hơi sức – Guys, I am exhausted and need to “catch my breath.” [exhausted = out of steam = pooped out = kiệt sức].

361 catch sight of: nhìn thấy bất chợt – When Tom first “caught sight of” Lisa in a picnic, he was overwhelmed by her beauty.

362 catch someone’s eye: được ai để ý – The 2018 BMW sportscar on display really “caught everyone’s eye” because it sure looked like a million dollars!

363 catch-22: nghịch lý, không cách nào thành tựu – We cannot get a job without experience, but we cannot get experience unless we have a job; it’s “catch-22”! [catch-22 = damned if I do, damned if I don’t].

364 cat got your tongue: câu hỏi vui đùa đặt ra cho một người nào không lên tiếng khá lâu – Hey Jack, we have not heard from you all morning; has the “cat got your tongue”?

365 caught in the middle: kẹt giữa hai lằn đạn, không biết về phe bên nào – When parents do not get along, their children are often “caught in the middle.”

366 cave in: 1. làm xập – The earthquake made the walls “cave in.” 2. thú thật – The police questions eventually made the suspect “cave in.” 3. ngất, gục – In the middle of the marathon, Jimmy “caved in” and had to be taken to an emergency room.

367 chain reaction: phản ứng dây chuyền – If an employee sued the company and collected damage compensation, one can expect a “chain reaction” of such lawsuits.

368 change hands: chuyền tay từ sở hữu chủ này sang sở hữu chủ khác – That beautiful house seems to “change hands” every other year, and neighbors all wonder why.

369 change of heart: thay lòng đổi dạ – Bobby hated his new job, but a nice pay raise caused a “change of heart” and he became very enthusiastic! As people say, “money talks.”

370 change one’s tune: đổi ngược thái độ – We know Dan will “change his tune” when he finds out he is being considered for a promotion. He has been critical of his company for a long time.

371 change the subject: đổi sang đề tài khác, tảng lờ – When someone asks me an embarrassing question about my private life, I will simply “change the subject.”

372 channel surfing: đổi TV từ đài này sang đài khác – Did you see something interesting on TV last night? Nothing much, because I was just “channel surfing” to kill the time.

373 charity begins at home: bác ái trong gia đình trước đã – Sally goes out of her way to help others and neglects her own family, forgetting that “charity begins at home.”

374 charmed life: cuộc đời như thể được phù thuật che chở – That man has survived several horrendous traffic accidents – he seems to lead a “charmed life.”

375 cheap skate: kẻ keo kiệt, bần tiện – Mr. Stingy is a real “cheap skate” when it comes to tipping in restaurants.

376 cheat on someone: phản bội ai (trong tình dục) – The couple broke up right after she found out he was “cheating on her.”

377 checkered career: quá khứ nghề nghiệp với quá nhiều lần thay đổi sở làm. – Susan has had a “checkered career,” frequently jumping from one job to another.