Thành ngữ Hán Việt hiểu theo Anh ngữ 001-020

001 – 020



001: ác giả ác báo = What goes around comes around. Tit for tat.

002: an bần lạc đạo = At peace with one’s own poverty and willing to do good deeds to others.

003: an cư lạc nghiệp = Settled and (then) enjoying work.

004: an phận thủ thường = Content with one’s own fate (or station).

005: án binh bất động = Staying put.

006: anh hùng mạt lộ = Hero at the end of his glory (or life).

007: âm dương cách biệt = In total separation (as if one person has died and the other lives on).

008: ẩn ác dương thiện = Ignoring the bad and highlighting the good.

009: ẩn tính mai danh = Living with identity hidden. Incognito.

010: bác cổ thông kim = Great scholar (who seems to know everything old and new).

011: bách chiến bách thắng = Invincible. Ever-victorious.

012: bách niên giai lão = (Wishing the newlyweds) one hundred years of happiness together.

013: bách phát bách trúng = Hitting the target every time. A crackerjack archer.

014: bạch diện thư sinh = Whey-faced (inexperienced) young student.

015: bán tin bán nghi = Doubtful. Suspicious. Uncertain about something.

016: bất sinh bất diệt = No birth no death. Reaching the state of Nirvana.

017: bất thành văn pháp = Ungrammatical. Unwritten laws.

018: bất thành vấn đề = No problems (or difficulties). Out of the question.

019: bế quan tỏa cảng = Closing all communications at the borders. Totally isolated.

020: bĩ cực thái lai = When misfortune ends, prosperity arrives. Seeing light at the end of the tunnel.