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As editor of the Vietnamese Studies Journal, I take great pride in presenting to you an innovative series of virtual field trips to enhance your understanding of Vietnamese culture, then and now. In the belief that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” my two former distinguished colleagues at the University of Saigon and Van Hanh University have combined their talents to create a high-caliber learning tool for readers to absorb the fundamentals of an amazing culture. Through lucid explanations and thought-provoking images of artifacts, this series of compelling lessons will enlighten you about the remarkable features of a culture that has existed for more than four thousand years.

Đàm Trung Pháp                                                                                                            


Đông Sơn Bronze Drum


Cultural Research Field Trips

Developed by

Lạp Chúc Nguyễn Huy


Before 1975, Professor at Faculty of Letters,

University of Saigon; 1981-1992, Researcher

at Université Laval, Québec, Canada. From

1995, author specializing in Vienamese culture,

Cao Daism, with hobby in painting.

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Edited and translated into English by

Vĩnh Nhơn Lâm Vĩnh Thế

Before 1975, Professor and Department Head,

Department of Library Science, Van Hanh Universiy,

Saigon, Vietnam; 1982-1995, Lecturer,

Library Technique Program, Algonquin

and Mohawk Colleges, Ontario, Canada;

1997-2006, Librarian, University of Saskatchewan Library

2006-Present, Librarian Emeritus, Universiy of Saskatchewan, Canada



Table of Contents

Lesson 1: A Trip Back to the Source

Lesson 2: South East Asian Field Trip

Lesson 2A: Visiting Hùng Vương era cultural heritage

Lesson 2B: The skirt of Hùng Vương era

Lesson 3: Chinese Domination Era Field Trip

Lesson 4: Far Eastern Field Trip

Lesson 4A: Thăng Long (Ascending Dragon)

Lesson 4B: Origin of Tết

Lesson 4C: The ancestral altar

Lesson 5: Huế Field Trip

Lesson 5A: The Áo dài

Lesson 5B: The poetic conic palm-leafed hat

Lesson 6: Bắc Bộ Countryside Field Trip

Lesson 7: Saigon Field Trip

Lesson 7A: Period of “Burning books and arresting intellectuals”

Lesson 7B: Period of “Destruction of music and inhibition of songs